Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back To Business!!!!

Im gonna just get right into it.. legooo!

Roscoe Dash - Dash Effect Mixtape -- If you love Roscoe as much as I do, you know he is the king of choruses and imagine that with hard hitting bass beats and decent rapping! there are around 30 tracks, so you are bound to find some you like haha

Game - Hoodmorning Mixtape -- We all know Game's album is taking forever so guess he decided to drop a mixtape a couple weeks before his release. not a super great one but has some pretty good hard tracks!! if you love the Game cop that free download.

Cherry Coke - Milky Way
Cherry Coke - Paradise
 -- For you dance/electronic fans out there these two Cherry Coke songs are epic! great progressive style beats with top stereo quality drops! Never even heard of this artist until it got shown to me! new favorite..

Far East Movement - Drop it Down (Ft. Redman) -- Something new from these dudes.. I think its a good move and a super dope party / pump up song!! The beat is so addicting..check it out

Drake - Headlines -- Finally!!! I dont know if you were thinking the same thing but I thought this dude fell off hard..Rap is what he is good at and got found for in the first place. Thank you for getting back up on it. Sick beat and good flow... yes, download haha

Game - Drug Test -- This is from Game's newest mixtape but thought it deserved its own recognition! Snoop and Dre featuring? Super old school west coast feel of course so definitely want to check this out! hopefully this is on his new R.E.D. album!

Flo Rida - Good Feelin' -- Okay another post for this one! its finally the last tweaked version and sounds a whole lot better through the whole song. Might want to update this one.

And ohhh snap Watch The Throne in 4 DAYS... get on those pre-orders if not, for you!

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